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Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar:

Today 12/1 – Scattered Showers, Breezy – High 50° ↓ / Tonight – Mostly Cloudy – Low 37°

6am 50˚ ~ 9am 43˚ ~ 12pm 39˚ ~ 3pm 39˚ ~ 6pm 38˚ ~ 9pm 37˚

Believe it or not, today is the first day of meteorological winter.  Mother Nature has a funny way of ushering in the season, as a cold front will bring a big temperature drop to the region.  Here’s a look at the current surface temps and frontal positions as of 5:30am…

via SimuAwips
via SimuAWIPS

Here I am, once again, writing a forecast where we’ll likely be waking to the warmest temperatures of the day.  Some isolated to scattered showers will also be possible as the front moves through the region in the morning hours.  The rain could linger well into the afternoon.

Check out the following model animation that loops hour by hour from 12am – 1pm today.  You can see the cold front move southeast through the region.  As the front pushes southeast, northerly winds of 10-15mph will make it feel that much colder.  Be sure to dress to fight the wind, rain & plummeting temps before you head out.

Cold Front Animation - Midnight to 1 PM - weatherbell.com
Cold Front Animation – Midnight to 1 PM – weatherbell.com

I do believe we’ll see a break in the rain towards evening, however, mostly cloudy skies, with an isolated sprinkle, still seem possible.  Lows will drop into the mid to upper 30s across the region overnight.

Tuesday 12/2 – Isolated showers  – High 46° / Tue Night – Isolated Showers – Low 44°

We’ll get stuck in a fairly wet pattern over the next couple of days as high pressure suppresses moisture into our region.  Thus, isolated showers will be possible throughout the day again on Tuesday.

These pockets of rain look to cause more of a nuisance than anything.  You’ll occasionally have to wipe off your glasses if you’re outdoors.  Again, just that annoying “say it, don’t spray it” rain.  Highs will be in the mid 40s.

h/t replygif.net
h/t replygif.net

With a fairly thick cloud cover in place, as well as spotty showers, I don’t think lows will drop off too much on Tuesday night. This is supported by the fact that we’ll be established in some westerly flow aloft. Thus, mid 40s sound about right for lows.

Wednesday 12/3 – Isolated Showers – High 52° / Wed Night – Isolated Showers – Low 41°

On Wednesday we’ll continue to see the possibility of some rain showers as we’re located on the periphery of an area of high pressure.  Come Wednesday, we could see some warming as we begin to be under the influence of some split flow from the sub-tropical jet.  Bottom line: isolated showers should accompany mostly cloudy skies and highs in the low 50s.

Confidence is fairly low on Wednesday night in regard to low temperatures. Some models dry us out, allowing our lows to plummet. However, I think we’ll still have enough moisture for cloudy skies and isolated showers. Lows will likely remain around 40°.

That should wrap up this post. Be sure to follow @WxOrNotBG and @WarrenCountyWX for the latest Bowling Green weather information. Have a great day!