Gender Inequality in Meteorology

Ever heard a female meteorologist, especially broadcast meteorologist, referred to as a “Weather Girl?” It’s safe to say gender inequality is an issue in all professions. Here is what Dr. Marshall Shepherd has to say on the issue in a recent blog post.

“Admit it, you don’t hear male broadcast colleagues referred to as “Weather Boys”. Yet, “Weather Girl” is astonishingly common. The term Weather Girl is out there. It is one of the most insulting references associated with the broadcast meteorology field in my opinion. In fact, a recent article in the AMS Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) examines “Weather Girls: on the Big Screen: Stereotypes, Sex Appeal and Science. (Link to article)” 

“As 2013 President of the AMS, I had several female colleagues share stories about the marginalization, objectification, and disrespect they receive by viewers and consultants. Inappropriate emails/social media comments seem to be the norm. This is unacceptable yet a reality that seems to be quietly endured. Many of our colleagues are degreed meteorologists and scientists and should be respected as such. It sends powerful messages to our daughters that they can be valued for her intellect and not simply how she looks.”

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