Chilly Temperatures Across Eastern U.S.

Temperatures flirted with the freezing mark in many locations this morning and a wide variety of frost and freeze products have been issued across the eastern U.S. Check out this hazards map this morning shoring freeze watches in dark blue, frost advisories in light blue, and freeze watches in teal.

Screenshot 2014-10-19 07.09.54
Hazards map valid at 7am CST (Courtesy: NWS)

The frost advisories and freeze warnings north of Kentucky are valid this morning as temperatures have fallen below freezing in Michigan, northern Illinois, and northern Indiana. Check out these surface observations earlier this morning where temperatures actually dipped down into the upper 20s in portions of Michigan.

Surface observations valid at 7:21am CST (Courtesy: ucar)

Freeze warnings are in effect across the northeast tonight as temperatures are forecast to flirt with the freezing mark in cities such as Atlantic City, Hartford, Boston, and Portland.