Camelopardalid Meteor Shower

The Camelopardalid meteor shower is forecast to peak tonight.  The best time for viewing will be during the predawn, early morning hours.  Those in the U.S. are expected to have a front row seat for the action.


The following is an excerpt taken from EarthSky’s description of this particular event:

“The peak night of the predicted Camelopardalid meteor shower is May 23-24, 2014. Because of the time predicted for the meteor display, observers in southern Canada and the continental U.S. are especially well positioned to see the meteors in the early morning hours of May 24 (or late at night on May 23). Will the predictions hold true? They are not always 100% reliable, which is why, no matter where you are on Earth, this shower is worth a try around the night of May 23-24. The meteors will radiate from the constellation Camelopardalis (camelopard), a very obscure northern constellation. Its name is derived from early Rome, where it was thought of as a composite creature, described as having characteristics of both a camel and a leopard.”

The weather forecast looks to be ideal for viewing tonight.  Check out the best viewing times here.  It’s supposedly quite the show, so all of you sky watchers set your alarms accordingly.