Cooler Weather on the Way

Real-Time Regional Radars:


Today 5/15 – Cloudy; Chance of Showers – High 61° / Tonight – Chance of Showers – Low 44°

6am  51° – 9am  51° – 12pm  58° – 3pm  61° – 6pm  59° – 9pm 53°

Today’s weather will be much cooler than what we have become used to seeing over the past couple of weeks. To blame for this crime against humanity is the cold front that passed through the region last night, providing us with some showers and thunderstorms. Pictured below it the cold front location as depicted by the NAM model at 1 AM this morning.

What Cold Front? - 00z 4kmNAM Surface Temperatures Valid 1 AM Thursday -
What Cold Front? – 00z 4kmNAM Surface Temperatures Valid 1 AM Thursday –

Another weak area of low pressure will move to the north of the region, providing just enough lift in the atmosphere to aid in the development of scattered showers. These showers should be hit and miss and fairly widespread. Significant rainfall amounts are not expected. As far as rainfall totals are concerned, I think the region could pick up anywhere from 0.1″ to 0.25″ of rainfall over the next couple of days.

In addition to dodging a few raindrops, the wind will be gusty at times tomorrow. You can expect winds to be out of the west-northwest around 10 to 15 mph, with some occasional gusts to 20 mph possible. Clouds will begin decreasing in coverage over the afternoon and evening hours, so there’s a chance of a pretty sunset.

Friday 5/16 – Decreasing Clouds; Chance of Showers – High 62° / Fri Night – Dry – Low 43°

6am  44° – 9am  51° -12pm  58° – 3pm  62° – 6pm  60° -9pm  51°

Friday’s weather will be a rinse and repeat forecast. We’ll still include a chance of showers in the forecast due to some wrap-around moisture from the exiting low pressure system. However, none of these showers should be too widespread. In general, skies should begin to clear out some in the morning hours before increasing clouds return during the afternoon hours.

By Friday evening a surface high pressure system will begin to move into the region. High pressure systems often bring fair and calm weather with them, which is exactly what we’ll see on Friday night and into Saturday. Winds on Friday will be a tad weaker than on Tuesday with winds out of the west around 10 mph. All in all, it looks like a fairly good Friday will shape up. Below is the aforementioned high pressure system entering the region.

Forecast Surface Analysis Map Valid Friday 7 PM - courtesy NOAA -
Forecast Surface Analysis Map Valid Friday 7 PM – courtesy NOAA –

Saturday 5/17 – Partly Sunny – High 63° / Saturday Night – Some Clouds – Low 46°

6am  44° – 9am  51° -12pm  58° – 3pm  63° – 6pm  62° -9pm  56°

I’ll give you one guess as to what happens on Sunday…If you guessed that the big ball of light in the sky that we call the sun decides to come out, then you’ve answered correctly! What’s your prize? How about a break from the rain and a great day! Yes, indeed, it does look like the rain will finally go away to come again some other day. High pressure will dominate the weather story on Saturday, bringing us great conditions.

The windy conditions we had become more accustomed to will begin to die down a bit. You can expect the winds to be out of the west around 5 mph for most of the day. Be sure to get out and enjoy this beautiful Saturday we have forecast. It sounds like a good day for disc golf to me.


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